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Affiliate Programme

Are you advising business owners or have an extensive network of business owners?

Offer your clients compliance products and receive revenue.

Sign up and we will be in touch within a couple of days.


What is an Affiliate?

The LH Group affiliates are people who promote sales of our products, either by telling people to use a specific code or putting a unique link onto their website. In return, when people click through that link, or use that code the affiliate receives income as laid out below. Our affiliates are supported and provided with social media content and various graphics to make things easier to promote the links to your customers.


Is there a charge for joining?

No, becoming an affiliate with The LH Group is absolutely FREE!

We also help you with regular promotions and marketing advice so you earn money from the relationship and we do too!

How much can I earn?

Affiliate income depends on the rate of commission for our products. We pay a flat rate of 15% commission based on the net value (after payment of the fees charged by the merchant) of a transaction. Commission figures are valid to 31st December 2018 and are also subject to our terms here

For example:

ExamplesNet Sale ValueCommission paid to you
One person buys two standard documents£70£10.50 (£5.25 from each sale)
One person buys 10 contracts and a handbook for their staff£775£116.25
One person buys a full set of web site terms on a yearly plan£400 pm£60 pm
One person buys a full GDPR master mind plan£2900£435


How easy is it to set up?

We show you via a video lesson how to put the code into your site or send it out in an email and make it really easy for you every step of the way. This is sent to you with other help when you sign up and we approve your membership.


Are there rules and stuff to follow?

Yes, to make it clear and fair for all we tell you how it all works in our terms and conditions here  Once you have signed up we give you access to an information welcome pack which tells you how it all works and how to promote your codes so you start earning money quickly.


I love this idea – can I promote it using online advertising too?


Yes! Again, to make it fair, we outline the rules in the terms and conditions. It’s great to link adverts to your approved web site but not OK to add the code to random sites for example. If in doubt ask us, we do not want SPAMMY links any more than you do associated with your business or ours.


We are an easy going bunch, so if you have a marketing idea just talk to us about it by emailing Affiliateideas@lawhound.co.uk and we will get back to you fast.

Ready to sign up yet? Just sign up here:





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