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About The LH Group

How often have you come out of a traditional solicitors’ or consultants’ office meeting and felt something was missing? It’s often the practical and immediately applicable business sense elements which you need the most, but are not included as standard from most firms. That’s because many of those professionals advising you have never run their own business, or set one up from scratch and so they don’t know how. The LH Group is different because its’ advisors are business and legally trained, experienced AND have run businesses for many years. They have sat in your seat, felt your pain and made the sort of mistakes and come out the other side that you are facing now. This means their help is focused and practical.

The Consultancy 

We are a risk consultancy, its a bit unusual to get sound business advice from a law firm or excellent legal information from a business consultant but in business you need both, in one place, at the same time. Law does not operate in a vacuum, every legal decision has a business implication and that is where we come in. Not only can we help you with our core areas of business via our consultancy we provide help in key areas of legal compliance which your business needs to move forward:

  • IT, Internet/Web Law
  • Company, Commercial and Business Law
  • Confidentiality and Business Protection
  • IP
  • Software Law
  • Employing others in your business : HR and Employment Law including sub contracting
  • Start Up Advice
  • Business Growth Advice

It’s a unique blend of practical, affordable consultancy with main areas of focus to keep your business safe and moving forward. Unique? Most certainly. Unusual? Yes, from our web site to the advice you receive, we are very different from anything you have experienced before. Change for the better? We like to think so and our clients agree.

The LH Group is a niche provider, offering very specific specialist services assisting IT dependent, Professional Service, Retail and Creative businesses with their business growth and legal compliance needs. We offer fixed cost pricing for our services so you know, in advance, your spend from the minute we work together. If your business operates mainly online, promotes and sells through digital means and you think its time your legal and business advisers spoke your language, it’s time to talk to us. Call us on 01244 300413 or email support@lawhound.co.uk


Combined Legal and Business Risk Advice – what’s this?

Why Business and Law Together?

Good, solid legal and business knowledge underpin the success of any venture, whether it is an exciting new start up or a well established company looking to push growth and margins. For the most part, it is just not possible to combine the two from one source, with most lawyers offering only legal services and business consultants providing exclusively business services. Until now that is.

The LH Group offers  a brand new concept in consultancy for businesses, which brings together both legal and business consultancy for one fixed price. It is a visionary take on the reality of what businesses require and we provide a uniquely tailored service to companies within the IT, online business and creative sectors. Here are a few of the benefits of a combined service of legal and business consultancy:

You only pay for what you need – taking advice which is not sector specific can result in large bills, a substantial proportion of which might be time spent on unnecessary work or teaching your lawyer what your business does. Using a sector specific service, that involves only the necessary elements from a legal and business consultancy can save both time and money.

Only one point of contact – if you’re running a business, the chances are that you’re already pretty pushed for time so chasing two sets of advisers for answers is the last thing you need. The combined LH Group service means that there is just the one point of contact and the one source for your businesses’ legal and business consultancy needs. It’s more efficient and saves you time and money.

The LH Group is sector specific – we work with businesses heavily dependent on IT , which means that our experience, our mindset and our skills are all focused on this method of conducting business. The result is tailored expertise that is designed to meet the needs of your businesses, without any additional costly extras. If your business operates mainly online we can help you, our expertise lies in virtual service and retail provision which makes us the number one choice for app developers, savvy e-Commerce providers and those more traditional professional service providers who are seeking a partner in ensuring their business operates within the law online and grows profitably.

A fixed price – legal and business consultancy might, in the past, have meant snowballing bills based on hourly rates and missed cash flow projections, but The LH Group changes all that. With the combined service it is possible to accurately predict the cost of resolving your problems thanks to the unique fixed rate packages, enabling you to manage your business’ projected financials accordingly.

There are numerous benefits to sourcing consultancy in this way from the same source. If you’d like to find out more about the  service contact us on 01244 300413, use the handy quote form below or email us at support@lawhound.co.uk

Once you have used our business and law together services you will not want to go back.

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