E-Commerce Business Law

What we do

We advise clients on all legal matters arising from their on line trading activities. From drafting terms and conditions for your on line shop to advising on complex e-commerce products which require licences for customers to use.

More businesses turn to internet sales channels as customers become used to buying on line so you need specialist advice. eCommerce trading raises some unique questions about when, how and where contracts are formed. Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002 mean much to you? We show you how to apply it to your web site and online business. DSR a bit confusing? We have it covered. Creating an agency or employment contract in your business? We can help.

Why bother?

  • It makes good business sense
  • Its one less thing to worry about
  • Sorting out the legal consequences from the outset stops problems which cost your business money to resolve down the line
  • Save time. You will now be dealing with all your clients in the same way, so it takes you less time with our documents in place

Change over time

Your business is dynamic and constantly evolving, so what happens to your legal documents when things need to change?

Peace of mind

Our service update packs allow for updates and changes in the law, we do not finish protecting your business when our initial work is done. Our services come with a ‘fitted as standard 6 month back up service with options to extend this further, to update your legal documents, if needed, due to legal changes.

Some businesses will issue new contracts when there are changes but The LH Group advises businesses on the most cost effective and efficient way to move forward. Sometimes a variation document reflecting the new changes is enough. We write them for you so you can move on fast.

The LH Group provides detailed service level agreements (SLAs) and schedules of work for annexing to contracts where clients require more supplementary information to a contract or the work involved is highly complex. We are specialist providers of online contracts and advise many IT businesses.

Got more than one business?

We can help you produce, using cost effective methods, a single set of terms if all your sites are selling similar products or services suitable for use across all the sites. This is agreed at the commencement of the work we do and the sites are named in the licence agreement.

E-Commerce Joint Ventures

Need to get your products or services out to market with help from other businesses? The LH Group helps by advising on the best legal model for the venture.

Walking the walk.

Our own business is run entirely on line, all of our clients work with us via the internet and phone. With The LH Group, as well as getting first rate  work we really understand the process of online selling and establishing relationships over distances. Its a fact that some of our clients have spent over £50,000 in one year with us, without meeting us face to face. Some of our clients are EU and USA based and having a UK based legal team and using Skype we use video, conference calls and transfer documents as needed. We live and breathe eCommerce so fully understand your problems and challenges.


Contracts formed online

Need to understand more about what is required of your business? Speak to Us on 01244 300413 or email support@lawhound.co.uk


Distance Selling

Does your business sell via the internet, phone or mail order?  If the answer is yes then discuss your needs with us.


Contractors working with on line businesses

Are you running a small Ltd company with you as the sole employee and use contractors to assist you for some of the work? Are you a small self owned Ltd company and worried about IR 35? Are you using the services of sub contractors or freelancers who operate their own businesses and concerned about them being classed as employees? Time to talk to us. Call 01244 300413 or email support@lawhound.co.uk

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