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eCommerce law


The rapid development of eCommerce has created a whole new raft of rules and regulations, pitfalls and requirements, and for companies entering the eCommerce ring for the first time it can feel intimidating. Not only is this particular area of law constantly changing and updating in the UK, but there is also a whole range of international case law and legislation that has an impact on the way that eCommerce law is handled by an individual business.


What is eCommerce law? 

This area of law governs anything and everything to do with selling goods online or using electronic methods to conduct business (this includes email marketing and other forms of online marketing) – and some would argue it is wide enough to include any type of website, whether it is a sales site or not. This could be website terms and conditions, the relationship between the user and the website owner, the way prices should be displayed on a website, whether there is any obligation on a service provider to monitor content, or commercial communication such as email marketing. Add in GDPR into the mix, outside EU suppliers and you can see the issues micro and small business are wrestling with.


Why is eCommerce Law necessary don’t we already have enough law on sales and marketing? 

Being relatively ‘new,’ the internet is still something of an unruly beast and eCommerce law is designed to define the interactions that take place through it, whether via a website or other electronic communication. eCommerce law can be used to protect consumers from unscrupulous traders and consequently will also protect businesses from those who seek to get something for nothing.


What kind of areas does eCommerce law cover? 

Online privacy, copyright, the legal requirements for an eCommerce website, email marketing and how to avoid breaking the eCommerce law in the UK are just a few areas.


Why is eCommerce law relevant to IT and creatives? 

Many – even most – businesses within the IT and creative sectors tend to have an online presence and a large number also sell services through those websites. Many businesses also use email marketing and will have to deal with customer data, as well as issues of copyright that may arise through working with contractors or using images. We regard IT and creative businesses as a special category due to the unique nature of their businesses.

How we help

Law Hound offers a series of competitively priced eCommerce law services that are specifically tailored to cover the compliance requirements for eCommerce for all businesses with a specialist plan for IT and Creative businesses. These are all are fixed price and are structured to make sure that your business receives exactly the help and documentation it needs, with no time or money wasted on added extras.

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