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GDPR Advice Service


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A lot of businesses are concluding that it makes sense to outsource or top up their GDPR compliance team’s knowledge because it’s difficult to source staff for the role as being a DPO is both complicated and requires various skills – unlikely to be met in one person. A DPO has to be independent of the organisation that they are performing duties for and must be able to perform their tasks without the fear of being sacked or penalised in any way. If you’d like to read more about the role of DPOs and what they must do, read this article.

Our Consultancy Answer

It’s a tough call for most business and we at the Law Hound Group have been advising both businesses (board level) and DPOs on tricky ‘hard to find a workable solution’ cases well before GDPR (the Data Protection Act 1998, PECR and the raft of other legislation) brought with it many headaches for businesses.

Our Proven Track Record

It helps that we advise and train solicitors and Data Privacy professionals on the practicalities of legislation, so we have a lot to offer businesses when it comes to finding answers to knotty problems. That might be us helping you resolve a single issue to get you over a hurdle or something ongoing where you have access to our experts on a monthly basis. In our monthly services we might take part in a group conference call to help reassure prospects your business has a robust approach to compliance or draft contracts, policies or communications for you. Great flexibility on how you access our services helps your business.


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My Help Desk Advice Services

Our outsourced GDPR Advice and Support Service gives you the following:


Auditing Services

We can audit your in house or external consultants’ work and provide you with comprehensive reporting and advice (backed by our professional indemnity policy only provided to specialists).


Privacy by Design

Following on from your audit we help you design the data protection processes and procedures that you need and are workable for your business and people – doing the stuff that makes sense to you and your team and facilitates business as usual in your organisation.


This will include some of these features:

  • Assigning responsibilities
  • Designing your internal policies and procedures including
    • Data Protection Policy
    • Information security policy
    • Risk analysis – Data protection impact assessment procedures
    • Privacy Impact Assessments
    • Retention of records procedure
    • Compliance audit checklist
    • Training Policy
    • Privacy Impact Assessment
    • Privacy Notices and FAQs for internal and external data subjects
    • Subject Access Request form, procedure and record
    • Individual’s Right to rectification procedure and record
    • Individual’s Right to erasure form, procedure and record
    • Individual’s Right to object procedure and record
    • Individual’s Right to data portability procedure and record
    • Individual’s Right to automatic decision making  procedure and record
    • International data transfer procedure and record
    • Complaints procedure
    • Data Breach Record
    • IT Security


Training – raising awareness of your data protection processes and procedures

We provide easy to use training materials for managers and other staff to make sure they know their GDPR obligations AND how to perform them



We will help you carry out

  • data protection impact assessments
  • internal compliance audits
  • compliance audits
  • issue recommendations for improvements and to mitigate risks
  • answer questions and advise on all that comes your way under GDPR and privacy


Help when you need it

We will provide input and support when you need it most (time limits are per your chosen monthly plan) including:

  • Complaints and queries from data subjects
  • Should the worst happen and there is a data breach
  • Business development plan assessment – invaluable to help your marketing team


Our time is allocated on a fair usage policy based on the plan you choose. If you need more time in one month you can always top it up at reduced rates which won’t be available to anyone not already using our services. Would you like more information about this service? Please complete the form below and we will discuss your needs with you. You can also call us on 01244 300413 to chat about how the service works or email support@lawhound.co.uk


My Help Desk Advice Services




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