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GDPR Data Processing Agreement


Data Processing Agreement

Who Needs One?

When a person or organisation who controls personal data (a data controller) asks another person or organisation to process personal data (a data processor) on their behalf the law says that you must have a written agreement in place between you. GDPR, and consequently the UK Data Protection legislation lays down some specifics which the agreement must deal with. You also need to ensure that the agreement works from a practical business point of view too!

How Does This Agreement Help?

Using this GDPR compliant agreement means that you incorporate those specific issues and include essential elements needed to make the relationship work smoothly and efficiently.

What is Included?

The agreement covers the obligations of both the processor and controller to include:


  • Provisions so that you are both clear exactly what personal data can be processed and how and when it can be processed
  • Limiting and controlling the introduction of any sub-processor (someone who will help the data processor process the data)
  • Limiting and controlling transferring personal data to others
  • Clarifies the processor’s obligations and enabling the controller so they can fulfill their legal obligations towards both data subjects and the relevant supervisory authority
  • Outlines what happens to personal data when the contract ends
  • Sets out what happens if the processor is aware of a personal data breach  so that both of you understand your respective obligations
  • Clarifies reasonable auditing of the data processing
  • Clarifies appropriate records of processing activities which must be maintained
  • Guarantees the appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the processing
  • Indemnity if something goes wrong
  • A video to explain how to use this agreement and how to complete it for your business
  • Access to ask questions following the purchase in group chat webinars with our GDPR experts – we run 2 per month

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