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GDPR For Employees

Essential GDPR training 

These sessions are important to:

  • employees
  • outsourcers/ freelancers who are not able to demonstrate proof of equivalent GDPR training and you need to ensure their GDPR compliance in your business

This GDPR Training:

  • is focused entirely on the information your employees need to understand about GDPR
  • is delivered online and can be accessed at times to suit you and your team so the working day need not be interrupted
  • contains sessions which last between 10 and 30 minutes so that you can choose how and when sessions are taken (for example, you may prefer your team to undertake one training session a day or combine several training sessions)
  • comes complete with on-line assessment (in the form of a questions and answers)
  • certificates of training on completion – PDF supplied electronically
  • has a unique group learning facility so your team can ask the questions they have about how GDPR applies to your business - our trainers answer your questions in a live group session held once every two weeks which is also recorded for use for those who cannot attend the live sessions
  • within each session there is a 'to do' action orientated list your team can put in place and ask questions about before moving onto the next session.

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All of these modules are included

1 GDPR changes – what is personal data and what are special categories of data?

This session takes you through the changes made to existing legislation by GDPR to the definitions of

  • personal data
  • special Category data (more sensitive data which could be used in a discriminatory way)

2 ICO registration

This session looks at

  • who should register with the ICO
  • how to register

3 GDPR Data Protection Principles

This on-line training looks at the GDPR data protection principles and how they affect your business

4 Lawful Basis Under GDPR

This session looks at the circumstances under which you can lawfully process (collect, store and use) personal and special category data

5 Demonstrating your GDPR compliance

This session looks at how to prove you comply with GDPR; includes record keeping and roles and responsibilities

6 Processing/ using personal data

This session looks at what data is collected and how it is used and includes:

  • data used in your business – buyers, suppliers, people you work with
  • employee data

7 Essential GDPR Information – customers/clients

In this session we consider the essential information which you must provide to your Customers/Clients. It deals with the information individuals must receive about their personal data and includes:

  • the right to be informed definition and how to apply it
  • the information that must be provided
  • when and how the information must be provided

8 Essential GDPR Information – employees’ rights

This session considers the essentials which you must provide to your employees. It deals with the information individuals should receive about their personal data use within your business and includes:

  • the right to be informed for employees
  • the information that must be provided
  • when and how the information must be provided

9 Employee’s obligations about data security

This session examines the steps which every employee must take regarding data security.

10 Dealing with a data breach – part 1 - what is a data breach?

This session considers what a data breach is and includes:

  • what are data breaches?
  • when do you need to report a data breach?

Assistance online with GDPR at a price a small business can afford for 5 or less costs start from just £399 ex VAT for the whole programme for all of your team. All we need from you is some information for a same day no obligation quote. Complete the form below or call us on 01244 300413 or email gdpr@lawhound.co.uk


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