Years ago I went to a lovely antiques’ centre (bear with me now). It was full of glass cabinets. A different business owned each glass cabinet and filled it with their lovely things for sale. They then paid minimum “rent” to the owner of the building who made sure that there was someone serving and that the building was clean well lit and open for customer. The building’s owner dealt with the sale and then took a percentage of the money taken for each item as their commission.

It worked really well.

Perhaps you have a dream – a great idea of bringing together people who make the same type of stuff (tennis balls, baby clothes, dog food) or services. Or maybe you just want to create an online venue where people can sell their stuff (like eBay and Amazon Marketplace).

It’s not important what your website is going to offer because it’s a great way of running a business – offering lots to sell without actually having to buy stock or deal with packaging. You provide the website and your sellers provide the stuff and services to sell.

What’s in it for you? Going back to the antiques’ centre, the basic “rent” or actually a monthly subscription from the seller for the right to be able to sell, as well as a percentage of “commission” from everything sold on the website can work really well.

If that sounds great just hold back for a minute.– Yes, you need to sort out responsibilities and obligations before you start. You need to make sure that buyers understand who they are buying from and that sellers understand their responsibilities and obligations. Oh, you also need to make sure everyone is clear about your role in this and the value your site will add.

You can do this simply. A little pack is waiting for you like a box of little treasures. It’s got all the documents you need and it’s really straightforward to use. All you need to do is email us at with brief details of your shop, a link and we will let you know the rest.

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