Internet Law

With our increasing reliance on all things web based for business, internet law is fast becoming an essential part of the legal advice package that most businesses need. Internet law – or ‘cyberlaw’ – will cover essentially any issue that relates to the use of the internet. It’s a relatively wide term that could encompass a broad range of issues, from software law, to digital distribution of information, privacy and jurisdiction.

For almost every company now internet law plays a fairly key role in business success and legal compliance, whether an organisation is trading online, or simply has a website for marketing purposes. In the IT and creative sector, this type of law is even more important, particularly where the large proportion of a business is tied up in online work, from building websites to selling from them.

Understand the law that applies to you – this is key to making sure that internet law is properly applied within a business. There is a huge amount of legislation out there and much of it is being constantly amended to take account of the fast paced progress of technology, so getting a grip on what is needed for a specific business is essential. This may be understanding how the Ecommerce Regulations and the Distance Selling Regulations apply to your business, or making sure data collected through your website is properly protected in accordance with data protection laws,

Avoid the potential problems – because the internet is relatively new, many of the ground rules relating to it are still being worked out. However, some people are now discovering the hard way the dangers of not taking advice on situations that could cause potential legal issues for them. For example, some businesses using online images taken from a Google in their digital marketing are now finding themselves in breach of copyright – sometimes involving penalties to the tune of several thousand pounds.

Keep up to date – it’s just not possible for most businesses to sift through the enormous amount of amending and updating that relates to internet law and regulation. However, it is important to stay ahead of the most important changes, particularly with respect to ‘hot potato’ issues such as privacy and data protection.

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