Legal Training 

Our legal training courses can be run as half or full days depending on your requirements but most of what we do is run online. Do you want to be let into a secret? We provide online training courses, video content cutting edge legal knowledge for business, employers, HR professionals, CPD, legal professionals and legal freelancers work with us – you would never know it’s us – you name it we do it, online, and if you can use legal training in your business it’s time to talk to us. We can really add value and be a flexible, friendly, easy to use partner for your training needs.

Our approach provides practical, clear and easy to follow steps so your business copes with and understands its’ legal obligations. We provide an easy to use manual which you can download after the course via our secure delegate area with refresher notes to help you when you arrive back at your desk.

Face to Face, Online and White Label Training

Face to face courses we offer online and phone support to answer all of those questions you think about after you have left the session and wish there was someone to go, with us you never have that as we offer ongoing support as you use the training.

Cutting Edge Information on Time so You Don’t Have to Work So Hard

The heart and core purpose of our services is to save you time to spend more working on your business, the last thing you want to do is to travel to attend a seminar so that we can show you more things and persuade you that you need them.

If there is a change in the law that means something needs to be updated, we’ll let you know what it is, whether it applies to you and, if so, what needs to be done about it. Your side of the deal is that you need to keep us informed if you move into a new area of business, because that may affect you in ways you don’t expect. As new business developments occur we let you know about them in bite size chunks so you know enough to delve in deeper as suits you.

Video Training – Affordable and Easy to Use

We prepare updates for your business, and those applicable to businesses in general in long and short versions to watch or listen to on the move when its suits you. No more stuffy seminar rooms and time on the motorway to lose a day’s productivity to get to a 15 minute session that you need. You can choose which areas to view or listen to on both legal and business topics and just sit back when the time is right to take in the message. So much easier for you, than out of the office training and you can view once or more than once without the hassle of any travel. It’s lower cost as we prepare the video and can sell many times over. We provide sole use, company wide use and develop video content just for your business if you want something special designing, all affordably and easy to implement.

With costs starting from just £95 ex VAT per delegate for the half day course talk to us about your legal training needs on 01244 300413

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