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 New HR Consultancy from The Law Hound Group

The LH Group offers a new type of HR and employment law service. With our excellent reputation in helping businesses on employment law matters and our directors  involved in teaching solicitors’ CPD on new emerging employment law topics and case law you are in safe hands.

Peace of mind = Priceless

So, you can rest assured, the advice we give you is both cutting edge and up to date as well as practical and clear. It’s also employer friendly and easy to access, we not only let you know what the law says can be permitted but show you how you can do what is needed within the law – this practical approach, we are told by our clients, is priceless.

Sensible, Practical and easy to Use

Practical, affordable and on demand services are offered. Let’s be clear: over 95% of all UK businesses are small, most employ under 5 staff and most of the rest employ under 10 people. That’s why we write policies, process and contracts to suit your business and not tie you up with loads of red tape.

Your Outsourced HR and Employment Law Team

We work closely with you to provide your business with the exact support that you need, whether that be a single employment contract, a mix of employment and business law or even a mix of HR, recruitment services and business law.

Does employing staff and keeping on top of employment law worry you? You want to grow your business but are overwhelmed with the obligations you will need to understand? Then you have come to the right place.

At The LH Group we make it easy for you to access all the processes, procedures and help that you need at affordable prices. Whether you want monthly advice on tap on a monthly contract, an outsourced HR service where we do the lot, or just advise once in a while we can help. Just because you have to live with HR and Employment Law obligations does not mean you can’t have a nice easy answer to any HR question you may have.

The LH Group’s Features and Benefits

Th LH Group answers all your Employment Law questions and offers a unique way of purchasing Employment Law and HR services to suit your budget and needs. We listened to over 1000 businesses who were using large HR companies about what they wanted, needed and would like from an Employment Law service and what they disliked. As a result we got this:

  • Businesses want accessible easy to use advice without a heavy contract price or long tie in.
  • Most businesses want and need to manage some of their HR themselves and draw on external expertise as needed.
  • Insuring against tribunals is wanted but not on any old insurance policy which forces businesses to go through hoops each time there is an event.
  • Businesses want to speak to the same few advisers each time they call and not have to repeat themselves.
  • Smaller businesses with just one or two employees want to access HR and Employment Law as they need it, they do not want a monthly contract as they have few issues and problems but do want good and fast advice when required. They want to buy tailored documents, contracts and policies as a once off to set up and then just pay for updates. They need a lighter touch than on offer from most HR and Employment Law services on offer.
  • Many businesses want help and someone else involved to carry out dismissals, redundancy discussions and sensitive staff issues. Owner managers feel too close to be impartial and fair and are really worried about getting this wrong.
  • Many businesses want to be kept up to date on employment law but not read pages about it each week.

This why with The LH Group you get Employment Law advice at a price you can afford, delivered when you require it and you choose how you work with us. Pay As You Go, monthly retainer, yearly contract or project based services. Lots of flexibility and you get the service that matches your business needs.

Email us at hr@lawhound.co.uk or call now on

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