How it all started

Back in 1999 we were all just getting started with eLearning. Things were a mix of face to face classroom delivery of training with a little support offered online – think chat rooms and email support.

Time away from your Desk?

It was not unusual back then for employees to spend days in the classroom, learning and building up portfolios of training certificates.


Things changed as more and more employers wanted half days in the classroom and some online resources and so, by around 2005 traditional classroom learning for businesses was waning with more being delivered and supported online. Online support then still meant messaging and some downloaded text documents.

The Rise of the Online Platform

Over the years to 2013 more platforms grew, with Lynda and Udemy setting standards for online learning and encouraging a low cost for generic pre-formed learning for all. Generic up skilling via remote learning became normal practice.


Learning delivered entirely online so the student can, wherever they are, learn at their own pace and in their own time in the comfort of their own home using a PC, mobile phone or tablet.



Bespoke, CPD, Just in Time Learning – The Need for Speed

In 2018 things have changed, we see more requirements for training tailored to the needs of the business and the student.

Even with complex subjects like law and management  the emphasis is on just in time learning.

So ‘how to’ guides and practical application learning bites support and supplement longer in depth programmes.

The emphasis is on what the student can implement after training – attendance is not enough – use and increased ability are required.


This is due to the speed businesses have to run at now, skill shortages mean employees have to learn the whole subject at a pace. So learning enough to be able to deliver some practical aspects enables businesses to scale learning that works for each employee.


We have developed many courses for staff in small and micro businesses through to large organisations including the NHS, The Court Service, GP Surgeries, Training Companies and CPD for the legal profession.


Our use of animated videos, ‘floating’ tutors against green screen background enabling them to move across virtual sets, and of course multiple options to choose from in terms of delivery, make learning easier and more flexible.


Whilst we can wax lyrical on the various technical aspects, what sits at the heart of all we do is the business improvement and economical use of your training budget to be achieved via online learning designed for your business, let’s chat about that.

If you want your training to do more than just sit on the server being watched you are in the right place – keen on better outcomes as a result of learning? Choose The LH Group.


Talk to us today about how we can help you. All the details are here:  or email or Phone 01244 300413

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