The Need For Speed

If you are in business you know how important speed is, whether its getting your quotes to customers, invoicing the customer on time, organising a contract fast or just generally being first to market. You need a business law team who can work at your speed. Evenings and weekends can be ‘no go’ areas for some legal professionals, not with Law Hound, we organise our time to ensure we are there when you need us, right by your side getting your project off the ground.

We Manage Our Time Efficiently

We manage our working week properly to allow flexibility and meet clients’ needs, so have long since shed the 9-6, Monday to Friday working week. When you have a contract you need reviewed in a day we can help, if its truly urgent we can assist. You decide how urgent it is and pay the fast turnaround upgrade so you are in control all of the time.

How Law Hound was Designed

Law Hound was created to plug what we saw as a massive gap between the needs of businesses and many of their professional advisers, legal know how has practical business implications and with Law Hound you get the best of both worlds in one place.

Using mobile devices, having a mobile friendly site and working quickly to suit you, on the move, means more gets done, faster turnaround times when you need it to close a deal or make an impact. It’s all about using the tools available via IT systems and not getting stuck in the past. We are business owners ourselves and have operated online since 1999 so know a thing or six about the problems and challenges that you face.

Moving up a Gear When You Need It.

Life may not always need to be lived at the speed of light but there are times when having a super fast business law team on your side means the difference between survival and closure. Law Hound provides that cutting edge service so you stay ahead. Phone us on 01244 300413 for a no obligation chat about how we can help you and your business drive forward today or complete the form at the left hand side of this page <…………………………

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