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Starting Out

Starting a business?

If you are starting up, it’s likely you will want to keep all costs to a minimum in order to make it through those first few years. However, with 20% of businesses failing within the first year it’s also crucial that any new business has a solid basis on which to build and that none of the key elements have been skimped on. That’s where we can help, from legal templates and online help to more complex needs we have your back.

When you need help in deciding what to tackle first – contracts, trademarks, employing others talk to us. We can talk you through the steps which are the most risky and let you know what to focus on. Many people put off seeking advice until there is a problem. Don’t do that, talk to us instead, with initial advice starting from £99 plus VAT for a consultant session you are in control of the budget. The consequences of skipping essential advice at the beginning of a business can end up being a lot more costly in the long run. In particular, failure to protect business assets, development potential and innovations that are the key to the success of the business can be enormously damaging for a start up in future years.

So, for start ups where is the work needed?

We use this formula :

Listen – we get to know exactly what you are trying to achieve and how you see things panning out in the future.

Feedback – we raise some questions to get you thinking about things you may have overlooked using our experience of working with 1000s of business owners over many years.

Create – we show you what is needed for your business right now and how to proceed as the business grows.

Act – the documents, policies, processes and more (advice, monthly check up calls, accountability mentor/coach) that provides the solid infrastructure to grow your business on a firm stable footing


1. Documentation. Different types of contracts, agreements, licences and the like can be an intimidating prospect without support. However, strong documentation is worth the investment as it will provide good groundwork and solid relationships for the future. Loads of choice with us, from a sub £50 template to a written for you fixed cost option.

2. Protection. Particularly in the IT and creative sectors, protection of innovation and development is crucial, including copyright advice, obtaining patents or trademarks and considering licencing of apps and software.

3. Understanding risks and weighing them up Negotiating the various legal frameworks for business can be complex and time consuming, but will ensure that a start up can hit the ground running and avoid the legal and regulatory potholes in the road ahead.

LH Group’s team have consulted with over 3000 start ups and we provide a series of fixed price plans that cover essential needs for IT/Tech, service professionals and creative businesses, without having to worry about ongoing hourly price rates. For smart start-ups looking to make sure that they get the support they need without ending up in the red financially, Our fixed price plans are the ideal solution. If you’d like to speak to someone about great value advice you can contact us on 01244 300413.

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