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Law Hound are business savvy legal advisors
Law Hound offers legal guidance and tech-savvy consultancy to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and fast-growth companies throughout the UK.

Contracts, agreements and advice all in one place to make life a bit simpler.

On Demand

Our services are designed to be accessed online so you can get help wherever you are.

Clear Answers

Plain English answers to tricky business and law questions

Save Time and Money

Experience matters when it comes to the tricky business questions - speak to our specialists

What We Do

Does your business struggle with GDPR or HR/Employment law issues? We can help you resolve them. Book in today for FREE No Obligation help.

We Help Businesses By

Providing practical legal outsourcing services for your peace of mind

Skill set

Business and Law Outsourcing

Fully Insured Help

Are you a small business owner (up to 80 employees) seeking help with your GDPR and HR/Employment law issues? We have clear answers for you.

We can help in these core areas

  • HR and Employment Law
  • eCommerce, business contracts, forms and agreements
  • GDPR and Data Protection
  • IT and Tech Law
  • Preparing your business for sale
  • Licensing and Franchising

We provide professional, insured and clear advice on all the knotty problem areas you face in your business. Practical, experienced, insured advice with a range of options so you can access help flexibly. Call today on 01244 300413 or email support@lawhound.co.uk

Problem Solving
Practical Practitioner Help
Legal Education and Training Programmes


This is where we get to know you, listen to you and understand your problem or challenge and come up with innovative suggestions about how we can help you and how we can best answer all your questions.



What gets planned and written down gets done. This is the blue print stage so everyone knows what needs to be done, when it has to be concluded and who is doing what. We use tools so you can access information and add documents so everything is clear and easy to access from day one.


Once we have worked together on discovery and planning we commence work. This could be advice, an audit, gap analysis, introduction of systems and processes or consulting work where we work by your side (virtually) and support you.

Fine-tuning the Service

As plans are actioned we will revisit areas which need to be reviewed our fine tuning occurs throughout the service so you can be sure the end result matches your business needs and takes into account dynamic changes.


Law and business changes over time, legislation and case law alters, with our systems you stay on top of your obligations as changes occur. All changes are notified to you within days of announcement which highlight core elements and offer practical steps to implement - you are ahead and in control.

Support Services

Whether it's a once off project or an ongoing service as your business grows you may find you need ad hoc support. Our support helps business owners and in house professionals to stay on target, whether that is one to one coaching or  through our updates and training services.

Intelligence and Training
Ongoing Support

Legal Outsourcing

Straight Answers

We focus on providing you with the best outsourced legal help so you can get on with running your business

Choices - we offer a range of products and services so you can choose one that works for you within your budget. Whether its fully outsourced help or a project by project on demand approach we can help.

Legal Practitioner Specialists

Practical and Innovative

We work with clients flexibly: Project by project, retainer, completely outsourced, support on an ad hoc basis or a mixture. As your business grows we help you choose the right compliance answer for your budget and needs.

Whether you are just starting out with your first employee or have a workforce of 80 we help you stay up to date and keep HR practical so it serves your business plans. Working with employees, freelancers and workers and need to keep up to date with all the new case law? We have a service for that, so whether you are a HR professional or a busy business owner we help you eliminate HR headaches.

GDPR is with us together with the Data Protection Act 2018 (UK) so it needs to be at the core of your business model.  Whether you need a fully outsourced answer or help with specifics our fully insured service can help. Practical, experienced advisors thinking up proactive and practical processes for your business.

When you need specialist help The LH Group has the answers. Our GDPR/Data Protection services provide practical help that focuses on your core business functions. Our HR and Employment law teams work with you on process and advice as issues arise, so you can get on with running your business. Our IT security team help you stay ahead of cyber crime threats and on top of GDPR requirements. Professionals with over 20 years’ experience on tap helping your business in practical and innovative ways.



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