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GDPR Privacy Notice

Are you working towards GDPR Compliance?

GDPR – new Data Protection legislation will be in force from 25th May 2018. It’s the largest overhaul of Data Protection we have experienced and affects all businesses, whether you are a sole trader, a limited company or LLP, in partnership or a PLC. Every business will need to comply and the penalties for getting it wrong are expensive – maximum fines (these will not be the norm) are 4% of turnover. It’s a big deal in terms of compliance and for small businesses it’s the stuff of sleepless nights and it needn’t be.

The LH Group can help you comply – affordably and practically

Confused after reading conflicting advice in all the GDPR articles you are sent? Aware that the webinar or training course you went on a month ago is now Already  out of date? Your solicitor can help with contracts and templates but processes, gap analysis, data audits, IT security and the practical aspects of customer rights are not part of their service or skill set and data privacy lawyers who specialise charge over £300 ex VAT per hour for their services based on their reputation.

The LH Group – The Compliance Specialists

We can help. GDPR specialists at the LH Group – the experts who train solicitors on GDPR – offer products and services which help small businesses. We provide a totally practical and no fuss approach which makes your life a bit easier when red tape looms large.

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Our Privacy Notice Template

Our privacy policy template now comes with a chat option so you can make sure all is in order for your business.

We provide a very affordable GDPR Privacy Notice Template and access to our free Facebook Group (closed) where you can ask our experts GDPR questions. The policy information is here:

What the policy does

Personal data and information you collect section

How you collect Personal Data

How you use Personal Data

Who you share Personal Data with

How you store and transfer Personal Data

Non-Personal Data and how it is collected and stored

Personal Data Rights

Consent and Changing your Mind

Third Parties, Associates and Social Media

Queries and Complaints

The cost of this is £100 ex VAT and it’s sent to you on order below – just press the big BUY NOW BUTTON and we do the rest. This is a template policy written by compliance experts in GDPR and Data Protection who are insured to offer GDPR advice and consultancy. It is not designed for your business and, you will need to read it carefully, including the notes which come with it and then amend it and complete details to ensure it’s tailored by you for your business. If you are collecting large amounts of personal or sensitive data, this policy may not be suitable for your business.

GDPR law will change across the coming months and to make compliance easy, your template will be updated each time the legal changes are announced, to the end of December 2018. All you will need to do is use the same link we send to you on order and you will see the current version in there with the changes in red text so you can update your policy easily and quickly.


Have questions? Email us on theteam@lawhound.co.uk or phone 01244 300413 or use the short form at the end of this page to get in touch.


I want the GDPR Privacy Notice with Facebook Group (closed Group) Access BUY NOW  £100 ex VAT

I want the GDPR Privacy Notice with Facebook Group (closed Group) Access and the Chat with a GDPR expert BUY NOW £199 ex VAT

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