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The LH Group’s Services

We are a specialist business risk consultancy. It’s not just about the boring ‘have to do’ stuff, with us it’s about the day to day running your business against a background of compliance. Most days it’s business as usual for you, as compliance is an unwanted distraction – we get that – our job is to stop the compliance head aches biting you hard when you least expect it.

We provide pro active consultancy services, fixed cost once off project help, monthly membership plans for accessing help and documents, tools and checklists, legal documents, agreements, processes and more. We worked with different client groups to develop even more service offerings for 2018 including the launch of our own business portal which we have been working on for some years.


What we do

GDPR and Data Protection

IT Processes

HR and Employment Law

Business Training


Specialist Commercial Consultancy plus a lot more

Our specialist legal areas are eCommerce, HR and Employment Law, Data Protection (including GDPR) and IT Law- we see these areas at the heart of most businesses wanting to sell services or products in 2018 and beyond.

Our advisers are able to advise on more than just the compliance aspect in your business. We provide sound and practical options for your business from a position of many commercial years’ experience. That means we understand the relationship between the ‘must have’s’ in terms of managing risk and the plans for growth you have set in motion. All we do and suggest has its roots in sound business practice so each process we suggest is needed fits your business.

Business Consultancy that increases profit and stability 

Our Action Programme helps both new and seasoned business leaders to make better decisions and run their businesses more profitably. If you think compliance has nothing to do with profit, try on a few fines or tribunals for size and see the level of costs and disruption your business suffers as a result of loss of reputation. Grow your business without processes in place or operational management controls and see how fast the wheels come off as you try to expand. That’s the stuff we excel at so you can get on with the bits of the business you love the most. If you are considering, attracting investment, franchising, licensing or selling your business we can help, by making the business roadworthy from your investors, prospects or buyers perspective.

Lowering the cost of legal and business services

We offer our services via phone and the internet to save you costs, time and of course we work when you do, so you are not waiting for an appointment with us or wrestling alone with heart stopping business problems over the weekend when a crisis hits you on a Friday evening.

What sort of Consultants work at The LH Group?

Our consultants cut their teeth in High Street firms during their training and now use their experience to help you and your business.  All of our consultants have a minimum of 18 years practical commercial experience and qualifications at MA level or above. All legal department heads are former lawyers (barristers, solicitors, legal lecturers and legal executives), accountants and IT specialists who have opted to move into a more streamlined business model. Our experts are professionals with a tried and tested background in their field, long term experience of resolving real life business problems is essential to work with us. You have told us that the only thing that matters is you get a solution to the problem, quickly and efficiently and that means combining expertise with practical know how.

Do you ever work with solicitors’ firms or other professionals to provide services?

Yes we do, in lots of different ways and this is an increasing growth area for our business. We provide support to solicitors’, accountants and other consultancy firms, expert content for their newsletters, provide legal articles for the press and online resources and have provided CPD training to law firms and other professionals. Several solicitors’ firms use our services for their outsourced Business and IT legal work too. We write their precedents for new and emerging technology that they use with their clients. We don’t compete with these firms, we work with them.

Why ‘ Law Hound/The LH Group’ when you do so much more than law?

When we started the business over 10 years ago we only offered legal document drafting services online and our business grew as our client base did. The name and brand was well known and loved and it makes sense to keep it. We also have various outposts online which are of the ‘ does what is says on the tin’ variety but all roads lead back to our Law Hound/The LH Group brand which is known for a lot more than law. It’s like we all know Apple don’t sell fruit.

What about insurance? 

We carry worldwide professional indemnity insurance for our HR services, business consultancy and GDPR and Data Protection work. When you buy from us our terms of business make it very clear what you are buying and how insurance covers the service you have purchased.

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